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Jun 9 / vikas

blinkBL-NK #4


Date: Wednesday, June 16
Time: Doors at 7:00 PM, first speaker at 7:30 PM
Place: Third floor of Blu Jazz, 11 Bali Lane (entrance on Ophir Road)


Talk 1: Barefoot Running: Faster Times, Stronger Joints
by Stephan M. February

Description: In the more than 30 years since the advent of the modern running shoe, the rate of running injuries has remained more or less constant. Moreover, according to the 1984 Bern Grand-Prix study on the epidemiology of running injuries: “. . . runners who ran in shoes costing more than $95 actually were twice as likely to get injured than runners who ran in shoes costing only $40.” So, is the running shoe industry a scam? And is there a better way to run? In this talk, Stephan will explore his personal experiences with barefoot running, and highlight recent developments in the running world that signal a shift in attitudes toward the modern running shoe.

Speaker: Stephan is a veteran of two marathons (42.2km), and more 21.1km and 10km races then you can shake a stick at. A catastrophic ankle injury 10 years ago kept Stephan out of recreational running until four months ago. Stephan credits barefoot running with his successful return to the open road.

Talk 2: How to Flirt for Fun and Profit

by Joyce Odom

Description: What is a UN Agency do to in a post-conflict situation when their HQ in far-off NYC hasn’t approved any budget? Get resourceful, get some chutzpah, get on a military plane and get out the lip gloss! In her efforts to assess the reproductive health situation in East Timor, the speaker faced a bureaucratic quagmire stretching all the way back to New York City. In order to mount a successful programme without a sous to her (agency’s) name, she found funds the fun way – with flirting and bit of flattery.

Speaker: In a previous life, Joyce Odom worked with UNFPA (the UN Population Fund) in Indonesia and the newly-independent East Timor. She switched from saving the world one condom at a tim! e to saving it one glass of Champagne at a time when she relocated to Singapore and set up The Hidden Host & a little wine bar called Speakeasy.

Talk 3: Elevating the Debate on Queer Issues in Singapore: What Can Be Done?

by Koh Wei Jie

Description: ThinkStraight aims to debunk popular misconceptions about human sexual orientation and gender identity in Singapore. Launched in May 2010, the organization seeks to elevate local conversations about queer issues by focusing on facts instead of myths. Speaking on behalf of ThinkStraight, Wei Jie will discuss the sociological context of queer rights and homophobia in Singapore, the current status of political will regarding homosexual rights, and the nature of the “conservative majority”. By touching on recent events that have exposed common attitudes towards homosexuality in Singapore, he will attempt to join the dots as he makes a case for the ThinkStraight project.

Speaker: Born in Singapore, Wei Jie is a recent g! raduate from a local polytechnic and intends to pursue a degree in political science. After completing his studies, he aspires to work in civil society and study the intersection between politics and religion. When not posting offbeat content on his Facebook wall, he reads about current affairs, attends events like blinkBL-NK, and has recently started to learn Wing Tsun, a martial art.

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