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Jul 7 / vikas

blinkBL-NK #5


Date: Wednesday, July 21
Time: Doors at 7:00 PM, first speaker at 7:30 PM
Place: Third floor of Blu Jazz, 11 Bali Lane (entrance on Ophir Road)


Talk 1: The Future of Singapore Hawker Centres
by Elizabeth Bennett

Description: Elizabeth’s talk has been 8 months in the making–she has interviewed over 100 hawkers and government officials and spent many hours in the National and NUS libraries. Her presentation will share the findings of this extensive research, which will include the challenges faced by hawkers today and the evolving nature of Singaporean hawker centres.
Speaker:  Prior to moving to Singapore, Elizabeth studied history at Cornell University and worked for the National Governors Association in Washington, DC.  She moved to Singapore to study hawker centres, which she thinks is probably the best job in the world. Her favorite hawker centres include Maxwell, Chinatown Complex, and East Coast Park.  Her favorite Singaporean foods are popiah, roti prata, laksa, and chilli crab.

Talk 2: Building a Life: Lean Manufacturing and Agile Development Applied to Everyday Living
by Carl Coryell-Martin

Description: Lean Manufacturing has completely remade how our civilization manufactures stuff in the last 40 years and Agile Methodologies are similarly revolutionizing how we produce software. Carl will explore how lessons from those two disciplines may be applied to improving daily life.

Speaker: Carl currently does agile software development with the new Pivotal Labs office here in Singapore.  Previously he’s written iPhone software for finding birds, run a company converting audio stored on physical artifacts into digital formats with all the difficulties of a software and a manufacturing company and traveled on camel across
sub-Saharan West Africa.

Talk 3: The Price of Perfect Memory
by Dr. Kevin Lim (aka The Social Cyborg)

Description: As an experiment in memory, privacy and cybernetics, Kevin wore networked cameras and computing devices as a means to immerse himself with the Internet. The project was nicknamed “the social cyborg”, where the ebb and flow of physical and virtual information gave him a sense of omnipresence, which was heightened by the networked consciousness of online participants. The result was featured in the press:

Speaker: As a cyberculturalist, Kevin studies the co-evolution of network and culture. With an academic background in communication theory, his research has ranged from Control & Anti-Control in Internet-Regulated China, to Social Capital among Online Non-Profit Organizations. He currently works at the National Art Gallery (Singapore) as AD in Strategy & Experience. He can be located at @brainopera +

We are also excited to have Takeda T as a guest DJ–he is the host of <delay no more>, a monthly night dedicated to vocal choons of the house and trance genre. the former founder of dance music portals bedroom*jocks and indulge! Join him as he spins some eclectic samples, keeping the music vocal and melodic.

We’ll see you at the party soon!

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  1. Isman Tanuri / Jul 19 2010

    Hello! A quick question, is this an open event for everyone/anyone to attend?

  2. vikas / Aug 5 2010

    Yep, the event is open and free.

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