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Aug 12 / isaac

blinkBL_NK #6

Get Stuff Done

Come celebrate our half birthday with three great talks, plus all the good vibes you pack into a weekday evening. The theme this month is “getting stuff done”, which we think is just right for the end of  whatever they call summer in Singapore. So please come down to Blu Jazz and be inspired!

Date: Wednesday, August 18
Time: Doors at 7:00 PM, first speaker at 7:30 PM
Place: Third floor of Blu Jazz, 11 Bali Lane (entrance on Ophir Road)

Talk 1: Memoirs of a Geisha: What They Don’t Teach You at Business School
by EK Yap

Description: Ever wanted or dreamed of starting your own business? Ever thought you might give it a shot if you just had the proper training? In this talk, EK describes the ins, outs, pains, griefs, and sacrifices of building a business, brick by brick, dollar by dollar, customer by customer, without the benefit of an MBA. This talk is especially geared towards people who believe that only projects related to technology or the internet count as entrepreneruship.

Speaker: Having multiple dysfunctional personalities, EK (1) used to be from the civil service at MTI before he joined the family business whereby he found the politics and inertia even worse and hence EK (2) decided to set up his own business. He currently brand builds and distributes luxury skin care or “hope in a jar”. EK (3) keeps a cat handy along with a bottle of single malt scotch and his music to keep himself sane and in control.

Talk 2: Changing the World By Just Showing Up
by Preetam Rai

Description: Slowly and subtly, a learning revolution is taking place across Asia. One force behind this revolution is the event known as BarCamp. A BarCamp is open, free and has no fixed schedule or speakers. Barcamps borrow or steal venues, use social networks for publicity, and depend on participants to make the event successful. The first BarCamp in Myanmar attracted more than 2,000 people from all over the country. In the most recent Cambodian BarCamp, Khmer and Thai attendees ignored a then-simmering border temple dispute in order to focus on developing tech ideas for non-profits. In this talk, Preetam will discuss what motivates people in Asia to create BarCamps, and how the events prove that you can change the world just by showing up.

Speaker: Preetam is always on the move helping groups across Asia to put together technology and culture events. He was the former South East Asian editor at Global Voices Online, one of the biggest social media content aggregation service. Preetam is online at

Talk 3: What Do Singaporeans Dream of Doing?
by Calvin Cheng and Chris Boesch

Description: Have you every wondered what passionate Singaporeans dream of building, creating, or performing? Have you ever pondered what stands between these dreamers and fulfilling their dreams? 8squirrels was founded with these simple questions in mind. We seek to uncover the common obstacles that Singaporeans encounter as they pursue their dreams, and we strive to ensure that any Singaporean with a dream is aware of the substantial resources available to them. Along the way, we hope to introduce many dreamers with common interests and enable passionate individuals to share their dreams with a larger audience.

Speaker(s): Calvin practices agile software development with Odeon Consulting Group in Singapore and is actively experimenting with various start-up ideas. He has also spent time as a kayaking instructor and is an avid hiker and backpacker. As an individual with diverse interests, he enjoys meeting like-minded people from all walks of life who are passionate about their ideas. Chris is a father of two, a Practice Associate Professor of Information Systems at Singapore Management University, a game designer, a musician, and a composer.

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