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Nov 20 / isaac

blinkBL-NK #15

Event Details

Date: Wednesday,  September 21
Time: Doors at 7:00 PM, first speaker at 7:30 PM
Place: Brewerkz Riverside Point (Opposite Clarke Quay)
Cost: $5 donation

Talk Summaries

Talk 1: Cycling for Sustainability, Humanity, and Hope
by Gone Cyclin’

Description: The Gone Cyclin’ team is an international team of nine young professionals based in Singapore that took on a gruelling, adventure based, innovative fundraising challenge. The team cycled 400km over 5 days from Vietnam to Cambodia to raise funds and awareness for a NGO called Carpets for Communities, which aims to empower Cambodian women to break the cycle of poverty. In this talk Gone Cyclin’ will share more about this physically and mentally gruelling adventure and the amazing Carpets for Communities project that it benefitted.

Speakers: The Gone Cyclin’ team members are energetic, passionate, and fun! They are looking forward to share their reflections on an amazing expedition that suggests a hopeful outlook for Cambodia’s future.Psychosis – A Personal and Philosophical Approach

Talk 2: Cross-Culture Shock: Increasing Your Cross-Cultural Quotient (XCQ)
by Benjamin Joffe

Description: What should you think if your Korean friend calls you drunk at 3am on a Tuesday? Are your Japanese guests upset when they leave a second after they said they would go? If a talk is to start at 7pm and the speaker is French, when will it actually start? While situations like those can seem anecdotical, they are deeply rooted in culture; the same words might mean different things for each of us. So come take a chance at raising your cross-cultural awareness, learning about others and sharing your blend of “common sense”.

Speaker: A French native, Benjamin has lived in 6 different countries and visited dozens of others over the past 11 years. He has suffered numerous cultural shocks while trying to avoid cultural faux-pas and connected with locals in each place. As his cultural DNA has mutated beyond recognition he can only hope the rest of the world goes the same way. His favorite question is “What do you mean?”. Benjamin is also our first return speaker, having given a fabulous talk on social deprogramming at blinkBL_NK #9.

Talk 3: The Unseen Singaporeans: Migrant Workers in a Land of Plenty
by Jolovan Wham

Description: Low cost migrant labor is a pillar of the Singaporean development model. Sourced from across Asia, these hundreds of thousands of domestic helpers, constructions workers, and laborers fill a crucial gap in the workforce, keeping labor costs low and quality of life high. But though migrants typically come to Singapore seeking opportunity, their lives are often full of hardship. In this talk, Jolovan Wham will share stories from his work with these communities and reflections on what their experiences tell us about the character of Singaporean civil society.

Speaker: Jolovan is the Executive Director of Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics aka HOME. A graduate in social work from the National University of Singapore, he works with HOME’s founder and President, Bridget Lew, in spearheading and running its programmes and initiatives.

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