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blinkBL-NK #16

Event Details

Date: Wednesday,  October 18
Time: Doors at 7:00 PM, first speaker at 7:30 PM
Place: Brewerkz Riverside Point (Opposite Clarke Quay)
Cost: $5 donation

Talk Summaries

Talk 1: Rethinking Music / Narratives
by Bani Haykal

Description: It begins with a simple question, what are we listening to? In an age riddled with information and technology, sound and our experience of listening to it, perceiving it, has changed. In his research, Bani Haykal seeks to deconstruct / rethink music and how the individual appreciates its components. In this talk, he explores poetic logic, the use of imagery via sound and noise to conceive and create alternative music experiences.

Speaker: Bani writes and experiments with text/music and is presently an Associate Artist with The Substation, conducting research on music culture + development in Singapore. He is published with one book of poetry, Sit Quietly In The Flood, and has read/presented works in several festivals including The Kuala Lumpur International Literary Festival, Singapore Arts Festival and The M1 Fringe Festival. We are very happy to have Bani back with us after his fantastic talk at blinkBL_NK #8

Talk 2: Stick and Balloon’s Epic Adventure
by Yanyun and Sara

Description: Stick and Balloon, aka Yanyun and Sara, will show their stop motion animation film Moonchild and discuss the artistic processes that gave birth to it. blinkBL_NK is happy to be one of the first venues screening this phenomenal piece of Singapore-crafted animation, the product of three hard years of work by two extremely talented artists.

Speakers: Yanyun and Sara are a pair of nomadic, symbiotic creatures filled to the brim with drawings, ideas, inks, wood, beer, caffeine and shisha smoke, otherwise known as Stick and Balloon. We sort of look that way too. We do all kinds of stuff, lots of stuff, deep in the crevices of the underground caves. And once in a long while, we rise to the surface to let our friends know we are still alive, and share what we’ve been up to during our absence from the civilized planets…

Talk 3: Tabla and the Genius of Indian Rhythm
by Blair Miller

Description: In 1997, Blair Miller bought his first set of tabla in Varanasi, India, and hauled them to Delhi on an overnight train with no ticket. It took a few years, but eventually he found a teacher who would help him unlock its mysteries. Tabla is a drum of North India, invented by a sufi poet almost 700 years ago. Its complex rhythms and melodic potential have intoxicated people the world over. It is used in both Indian classical and folk music, and has accompanied everyone from the Beatles to Björk.In this talk, Blair will discuss the history and theory of tabla and show how to turn words into tabla sounds and then combine sounds into complex rhythms. Make sure to bring your vocal chords!

Speaker: Blair has dha terakita dhin na Singapore dhine dhine since June dhere dhere kitatake from Canada. Nagenagenage dhige dhige dhige happy to speak at BlinkBl_nk! (All the above will be explained by Blair at the talk. All except the “BlinkBl_nk” part.)

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