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blinkBL-NK #18

Event Details

Date: Wednesday, January 18
Time: Doors at 7:00 PM, first speaker at 7:30 PM
Place: Blu Jaz, 11 Bali Lane (Entrance on Ophir Road)
Cost: $5 donation

Talk Summaries

Talk #1: 10 Years of Personal Growth in 20 Minutes
by James Norris
Description:  Self Actualization – it’s a phrase that rolls of the tongue. But how in the heck does someone actually…self-actualize? James Norris has spent the last decade trying to answer that question, and in this talk he shares a rapid-fire recap of the most fun and salient things he’s learned along the way. Part science, part story, part gibberish, the talk will tackle everything from habits to happiness, and top it off with some practical actions we can all take to move forward on our own self actualization journey.
Speaker: James works and plays in the space between personal change and social change. He’s a social entrepreneur living in Singapore and helping with three startups, including a personal growth platform, a fish farm, and a university. One day, James hopes to be known as an “angmohporean”. For more see See
Talk #2: New Pirates, Old Tricks: Modern Day Piracy and the Global Shipping Industry
by Jens Ringefelt
Description: These days most of us have heard about the pirates who attack ships in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean. Some of us even know a bit about their lives, how they choose their target, how they fund their missions, how they used to be humble Somali fishermen protecting their territorial waters. But what of the far less sexy shipping industry that the pirates prey on? What of the ship owners, insurance companies, and the 1,000+private security firms that have arisen to prevent pirate attacks. In short, what of the anti-pirates? In this talk, Jens Ringefelt rounds out our view of piracy from the view of those it impacts most, honing in on what actually happens during a pirate attack and then zooming out to consider the true winners and losers of this modern day menace.
Speaker: Jens is a Marine Insurance Broker with Oriental Special Risk Services Pte. Ltd.  A part of this work involves providing shipowners access to insurance against piracy in the form of War Risks and Kidnap & Ransom policies, which are now standard issue for all vessels transiting through high risk areas.
Talk #3: Math Mayhem: Why Math Education Doesn’t Work and How to Fix It
by Murray Bourne

Description: Three things in life are inevitable – death, taxes, and learning math. And yet, while doctors keep finding new ways to keep us alive, and tax codes are constantly being tweaked, math education just seems to stay the same. The result: each year massive amounts of human potential is wasted in the process of learning huge amounts of woefully out-of-date math. In this talk, Murray Bourne proposes an alternative. In his view, what this century needs – like all those before it – is thinkers who can use appropriate tools to solve the problems of the day. What it doesn’t need are people whose only math skill is the manipulation of algebra. The tools for doing math have changed dramatically. School systems need to adjust to these changes, asking hard questions about what math they should teach, and how should they teach it,

Speaker: Murray is a multi-decade educator with a keen interest in technological approaches to learning and using mathematics. He recently moved on from institutional education and is now a freelance trainer and Web developer.

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