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blinkBL_NK #19

Event Details

Date: Wednesday, February 22
Time: Doors at 7:00 PM, first speaker at 7:30 PM
Place: Blu Jaz, 11 Bali Lane (Entrance on Ophir Road)
Cost: $5 donation

Talk Summaries
Talk 1: Chronicles of The Green Corridor: The Community, the Minister, and the Last Train
by Eugene Tay

Description: The Green Corridor campaign was launched to support the Nature Society’s proposal to keep the KTM railway lands as a continuous green corridor for nature, heritage, recreation and transport benefits. In this talk, Eugene Tay provides a behind the scenes look at the campaign, including tracing of key events, and the sharing of practical lessons on community building and social media campaigning.

Speaker: Eugene Tay manages the “We support The Green Corridor in Singapore” Facebook page , and “The Green Corridor” website. Eugene is also the Founder of Green Future Solutions, a Singapore-based business that promotes environmental awareness and action for our green future, through sustainability consulting and a network of green websites.

Talk 2: Bukit Brown: The Hidden Treasure of Southeast Asia
by SOS Bukit Brown

Description: Bukit Brown is both a 200-hectare green lung which is home to diverse wildlife and a 180-year-old cemetery which is the final resting place of 100,000 of our forefathers and foremothers. In this talk, members of SOS Bukit Brown will discuss various aspects of this hidden treasure with a focus on reasons why we should not destroy Bukit Brown to build a highway.

Speaker: SOS Bukit Brown is a diverse group of concerned Singaporeans who firmly believe that Bukit Brown should not be developed and should be kept intact.

Talk 3: Discover the Dragon: An Exploration of Singapore’s Last Remaining Wood-Fired Ceramic Kilns
by John Stewart Jackson

Description: Once a staple of a thriving ceramics industry, wood fired “dragon kilns” (so named for their long, dragon tail-like shape) have now become all but extinct in Singapore. In this talk, John Stewart Jackson will share about the history of the dragon kilns in the era of commercial ceramic production and how the remaining kilns have evolved over time to serve a still thriving artistic community. The talk will include images of dragon kiln firing, examples of current work produced at the kilns and thoughts about how these important Singapore cultural treasure can be preserved for the future.

Speaker: John Stewart is an experienced sculptor, known for his interactive and collaborative approach to space, movement and sound. A graduate of Birmingham-Southern College, Alabama and six year veteran Foundry Manager at Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark, he has won numerous awards and commissions for his work in the United and Singapore. Jackson currently serves as a curriculum specialist, teacher and global arts ambassador for School of the Arts (SOTA) in Singapore.

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