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blinkBL_NK #20

Event Details

Date: Wednesday, April 25
Time: Doors at 7:00 PM, first speaker at 7:30 PM
Place: Blu Jaz, 11 Bali Lane (Entrance on Ophir Road)
Cost: $5 donation

Talk Summaries

Talk 1: I’m Not Buying It: A Critical Take on Gender Cues in Advertising
by Eliane Luthi Poirier

Description: As one of the most pervasive forms of mass communication, advertising plays a powerful role in reinforcing social norms. So what do advertisements tell us about how men and women should behave? In this talk, Eliane Luthi Poirier argues that advertising shapes, legitimizes and reinforces gender roles that are often highly outdated. Going beyond the unsaid advertising mantra that “sex and sexism sell”, her talk examines the subtle gender cues that are embedded in everyday advertisements.

Speaker: Eliane Luthi Poirier is a communications professional by day and a freelance writer on gender issues by night. Her main area of interest is how gender norms express themselves in different cultural contexts. She’s worked and volunteered in numerous gender-focused NGOs, notably in India and in West Africa. In Singapore, she’s done public awareness work for UN Women, by going into local schools to give talks on violence against women.

Talk 2: This Ain’t No Cruise Ship
by Allison Swaim

Description: Cargo ships are a ubiquitous feature of Singapore’s built environment. But though we see them daily, few of us give much thought to who is on board these ships and what their lives are like during the weeks and months spent traveling from one port to the next. In this talk, Allison Swaim provides a glimpse into the lives of today’s merchant seaman through sound, photo, and video footage recorded during her research aboard container ships.

Speaker: Allison is currently circumnavigating the globe by cargo ship as part of a Watson Foundation Fellowship to document the stories of modern-day sailors. She arrived in Singapore via container ship, and has spent four of the last eight months out at sea. Before beginning her project, Allison trained in radio documentary at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies and studied Sound Art and New Media at Oberlin Conservatory.

Talk 3: We Are the 95%: Understanding the Procrastination Equation
by Sim Kim Sia

Description: According to one author, 95% of all people procrastinate. In the age of Angry Birds and Alt+Tabbing to Facebook, this statistic may not come as a surprise. But according to Sim Kim Sia, most of what we think we know about procrastination may not be so accurate. Beginning with an assessment of procrastination myths, Kim Sia’s talk takes us through the research on procrastination, culminating in advice on how to overcome a bad habit that apparently unites the world. If you love science, love to find out how to improve yourself, or simply love to commiserate with fellow procrastinators, this is the talk for you.

Speaker: Kim Sia runs Oppoin, a software development consultancy with clients ranging from mommy bloggers to Ericsson Singapore. He is also working with a bona fide genius designer on a hush-hush project for storytellers and storylovers. He just came back from a trekking trip in Nepal and skiing trip in Nagano, Japan and would love to know how to have cheap(er) adventure getaways like that as often as once a month. You can follow Kim Sia on Twitter

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