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blinkBL_NK #23

Event Details

Date: Wednesday, July 18
Time: Doors at 7:00 PM, first speaker at 7:30 PM
Place: Blu Jaz, 11 Bali Lane (Entrance on Ophir Road)
Cost: $5 donation

Talk Summaries

Talk 1: Bhutan and the Cultivation of National Happiness
by Louis Lim

Description: Bhutan, a landlocked Kingdom in the Himalayas, has captured global attention with their policy of measuring development as a function of Gross National Happiness (GNH) instead of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In this talk, Louis Lim investigates Bhutan’s successes and challenges with this alternative approach to development, focusing on benefits of the approach and lessons for the rest of the world to learn. He also looks at the crucial role that education plays in cultivating happiness and emotional well being amongst Bhutanese citizens.

Speaker: Louis is currently a teacher at Department of Character Education and Philosophy in Raffles Institution. He lived in Bhutan for one year as a volunteer to upgrade education infrastructure and train the trainers to build internal capability.

Talk 2: Localizing Maker Culture – Promoting the Kampung Spirit of Innovation in Singapore
By Veerappan Swaminathan & Muhd Ibnur Rashad

Description: We live in a time in which rejection of mass consumerism, a growing awareness of sustainable lifestyles, increased accessibility to tools that aid personal creativity, and massive growth in internet access have resulted in a quiet but growing maker culture around the world. In this talk, Veerappan Swaminathan & Muhd Ibnur Rashad will share about what they have learned about the maker culture in Singapore after a year of running a community lab & prototyping facility and sharing their efforts to localize the maker culture by reviving the kampung spirit of innovation.

Speakers: Veera is a self-starter and inventor by nature, who believes that kampung innovators need to be whatever the situation demands them to be. Ibnur is community-oriented kampung innovator, who believes in leadership and learning from nature. Together, they spend their time running the Sustainable Living Lab, a community lab & prototyping facility. They also co-founded the Humanitarian Engineering Alliance (HEAL) which promotes the formation of a corp of humanitarian engineers in Asia. They also share futures thinking techniques with young people through the National Youth Council Academy.

Talk 3: Paradise Lost? African Heritage Under Threat
by Rolf Haudenschild

Description: Vast herds of wildebeests cross the Serengeti on their perpetual great migration. The icy peak of Mount Kilimanjaro rises high above the savannah. Maasai warriors guard their cattle in the open nature. We are all fascinated by the pictures of Africa’s pristine nature and traditional cultures. At the same time, however, Africa is exposed to and longing for development. Based on his experiences traveling and working in Africa, Rolf Haudenschild will discuss how Africa’s natural and cultural heritage is threatened and changed by the drive towards development.

Speaker: A financial lawyer by day, Rolf is also a passionate traveler. His favorite destination is Tanzania where he has co-founded Soaring Flamingo, a tour operator company and social enterprise. On his repeated trips to Tanzania Rolf has visited world-famous destinations, but has also been to remote areas and had a glimpse into common life.

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