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blinkBL_NK #25

Event Details

Date: Wednesday, October 24
Time: Doors at 7:00 PM, first speaker at 7:30 PM
Place: Blu Jaz, 11 Bali Lane (Entrance on Ophir Road)
Cost: $5 donation

Talk Summaries

Talk 1: The Retail Revolution: Changing the Way We Shop
by Duncan Craig

Description: A retail revolution has begun and it includes everyone whether we like it or not! The way we shop is changing at such a rate that retailers across the globe are struggling to adapt with a large number of retail giants being felled. This talk looks at how the effect of technology and a fast changing world have already impacted the retail environment. Duncan will also bring along his crystal ball to offer some predictions on the future of retail.

Speaker: Duncan is Head of Store Design for an international Duty Free retail company based in Singapore. He is passionate about the magical world of retail despite being a spendthrift true to his Scottish heritage. When Duncan is not watching people shop from behind a promotional display, he enjoys getting as far away from the mall as possible, motorbiking through the wild lands of Asia.

Talk 2: Forest Brothel: Human Trafficking in a Borderless World (Film Screening)
by Hani Mohamed

Description: In the words of anthropologist Mark Woodward, this is: “a compelling film that captures the human tragedy of prostitution and sex slavery. A panel of activists explain the roots of this tragedy and their efforts to aid girls and women victimized by the objectification and illicit marketing of sexuality. It will bring tears of sorrow and anger to your eyes and hopefully motivate you to join in the struggle against this depravity.”

Speaker: Hani Mohamed is an educator specialising in media and mass communications. In 2007, she produced a short film entitled “Innocence”, aimed at raising awareness and advocating action for change in ASEAN for children who are being exploited and trafficked into child prostitution. She is also an executive committee member of ONE (Singapore) Make Poverty History.

Note: Per MDA guidelines, this is a private screening. Please register here.

Talk 3: Traditional Ecological Knowledge – Reports from Indochina
by Yingshan Lau

Description: The blockbuster film Avatar won awards for its CGI-powered science fiction. But the tensions it portrayed between development and indigenous knowledge were far from fantasy. In this talk, Yingshan Lau, a volunteer with the Social Policy Ecology Research Institute (SPERI), a Vietnamese NGO, shares her experience working with ethnic minority/indigenous groups practicing substance agriculture. Her wide ranging talk will cover topics such as the the role of indigenous belief in ecological protection, the notion of sacred geography (things and places) in traditional practice, the conflicts between traditional practices and market economics, and the problem of romanticization of traditional ecological knowledge.

Speaker: Yingshan’s relationship with Vietnam began in 2006 when she attended the Vietnam Field School as a student in the Australian National University. She is part of the Alumni Network of the Intensive Programme on Sustainability and believes that the Southeast Asian region is an important region to advance environmental sustainability.

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