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blinkBL_NK #26

  • When:  Wednesday, November 28
  • Where: Blu Jaz, 11 Bali Lane (Entrance on Ophir Road)
  • Cost: $5 donation
  • Start: Doors @ 7 pm, First speaker @7:30 pm

Talk #1 – How to Grow Up: Lessons on Becoming an Adult

by Jeremy Snyder

Description – The transition from childhood to adulthood is one of the most important that people ever make in their lives. But what really helps a person mature? Is it national service? Is it university studies? Or is it the experiences that you go through during crucial formative years? In this talk, Jeremy explores questions of maturity, adulthood and personal growth through the lense of his own coming of age experiences.

Speaker – Jeremy has done plenty of career growing up as a four-time entrepreneur. But he owes most of his personal maturity to the experiences he’ll share in this talk.

Talk #2 – Growing a Global Tribe: Soulful Expressions and Transformative Narratives

by Asad Jafri

Description – The multiplicity of our identities can be a barrier in bringing people together, building safe spaces, nurturing creativity and embracing ourselves. If we are able to create such environments and networks, then they are often not sustainable. In this talk, Asad Jafri utilizes the Marketplace of Creative Arts as a backdrop to explore his own personal journey and lessons learned; and builds on ideas for utilising art, culture, our stories and traditions to build and transform community together

Speaker – Asad is a global arts leader, cultural organizer, and multidisciplinary artist with a passion inspring sustainable social change. Over the past few years, Asad has taught, performed, presented, organized, and produced in 10 countries and 5 continents. He is currently based in Kuala Lumpur managing WIEF’s 5th Marketplace of Creative Arts.

Talk 3 – Behind the Great Firewall: Reports from China’s Social Media Landscape

by Weiwei Li

Description – Have you ever wondered what’s going on inside that fearsome, intimidating Great Firewall of China? Is it hard for you to fathom what social media life could look like in a world without Facebook or Twitter? In this talk, Weiwei Li will unfold the social media landscape in China with an introduction to the most influential networks. Her talk will explore commonalities between the way people use social media across the world while also highlighting usage patterns unique to China.

Speaker – Weiwei is always interested in the way people communicate – verbal terms, body language, writing, and for that matter, the latest development in social media. She currently works in the digital communications industry by day, and as her part-time venture, manages TED account on the Sina Weibo platform in China.

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