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What is blinkBL-NK ?

blinkBL-NK is an event where regular people share their expertise about fascinating subjects in a laid back environment. Part brain food and part  social event, blinkBL-NK is about sharing intriguing and off-beat ideas while mingling with an unexpected cross section of artists, academics, designers, entrepreneurs, geeks, hackers and media practitioners.

Who speaks at blinkBL-NK and what do they talk about?

blinkBL-NK events revolve around 20 minute talks on cutting-edge issues in technology and business, quirky histories, weird science and enriching cultural experiences. Some speakers are leading experts, others are distinguished hobbyists, inspiring polymaths or simply great story tellers. At blinkBL-NK our philosophy is that every audience member is a potential speaker.

Is there other entertainment?

When the speakers aren’t speaking, attendees enjoy carefully curated music by Syaheed, one of our co-organizers . As our event grows, we hope to feature other DJs as well as live performances of music, poetry, beat boxing or sound installations. To grease the intellectual wheels, all blinkBL-NK events have a cash bar.

Where and when does blinkBL-NK happen?

blinkBL-NK is held on the third Wednesday of every month. Mingling and drinks start at 7:00 PM, with the first speaker commencing at 7:30 PM. After a successful incubation period at, we have now found a permanent home on the third floor of Blu Jazz, on Bali Lane in the Arab Quarter.

Who is behind blinkBL-NK ?

blinkBL-NK is brought to you by four main collaborators:

Vikas Reddy Enti is a robotics researcher, entrepreneur, and hacker with a really cool name card.

Syaheed Bedsty is a producer, promoter, and events coordinator who knows where the party’s at.

Isaac Souweine is a digital media producer, strategist and entrepreneur who used to write stuff.

Chew Lin Kay is an intellectual magpie, facilitator, writer and budding tech scene observer.

The core team is supported by many helpful folks and welcomes offers of assistance large, small and in between.